Would you like a $50 refund on your rental?

Submit a video review of your experiences and get $50!  Follow the instructions below to submit a video for review.  Thank you!

Step #1:  Pick Up Your Equipment

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Step #2:  Shoot Your Video

What to include:

a.  Quick introduction of yourself (optional)

b.  Show us the infestation. Video the bed bug concern you have.

c.  Show us the equipment set-up in the room.

d.  Show us 1 or 2 temperature checks using the supplied Thermal Heat Device.

e.  End of treatment video showing dead bed bugs.

f.  Final thoughts: Help your fellow Do It Yourselfers!

  1. Review the booking of the equipment
  2. Review the ease of picking up the equipment
  3. Review of the training videos
  4. Review how easy it is to set and run the equipment.
  5. Review how the heating process went. Was there anything you would have done differently? Is there anything you wish you knew before your treatment?

Step #3:  Submit your video

Email your final video to  RENTALS@BEDBUGRENTAL.COM  


Use WeTransfer To Send Large Video Files

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Make sure to include your name (same name as entered during checkout) and your order date in the email. Orders without a name and order date will not be considered for the $50 credit.