Bed Bug Elimination
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Rob Suckoll

Owner | Heat Treatment Expert

Hi! I’m Rob and I have specialized in pest control since 1993.

My career began in Hawaii where I safeguarded luxury resorts against pest infestations and protected travelers and residents so that they could feel safe and comfortable. I later moved back to my home state of Washington where I continued in pest control and gained knowledge on servicing food processing and distribution businesses. I safeguarded many of the foods that you most likely have in your home and protected many restaurants that you may eat at as well. Knowing that I was helping people around the world added new excitement to my career. Having lived on the beautiful and sunny Islands of Hawaii, the rainy weather in Washington began to take a toll on me and I decided to move to Las Vegas. Talk about sun! It wasn’t long before I opened my own pest control company, and when bed bugs began to make a comeback, I started to research the best treatment against them. I was the first company to introduce heat treatment to Nevada and soon after became the number one leader in bed bug elimination. There was a very high demand for our services, which drove our company to grow quickly and then expand our services to Reno. We were eliminating 100% of bed bugs in just one overnight treatment and our reputation grew quickly. Some family friends had moved to Spring Hill Tennessee, and while on a trip to visit them I was captivated by the beauty of this wonderful state. After returning to Las Vegas I began to figure out my exit strategy. I give thanks to God every day for being able to live in such an amazing place where I can use my talents and knowledge to help Tennesseans eliminate the bed bugs that plague them. I adore helping people and truly love what I do. My passion is making people feel safe and comfortable in their homes.


Thousands of successful bed bug heat treatments by Rob and his team!


Rob’s company was the first to introduce heat treatments to bed bugs in Las Vegas, and now the revolution is coming to Tennessee!

Highly Effective

Eliminate 100% of bed bugs in just one overnight treatment with heat! There are no other comparable treatments.